'Not a Proper Anything - Patsy's story'

3rd May 2023:

Currently this story has a working title of, PATSY'S STORY: Twelve-year-old Patsy lives in South London and has been the victim of beatings for as long as she can remember. She's developed her own protective armour. She's feisty. She's resilient. She's confrontational. She hides behind her acute sense of humour. She's unloved by her parents. She has no understanding of affection. But she has a best friend, thirteen-year-old Josh, who is part of a loving and affectionate family that intervenes to help Patsy. Will life get better for her? I've grown to love her, and I believe you will too. You just have to wait until  the end of 2023 for it to be finished and published. Or perhaps you'd like a preview. Contact me by email on gloriaeveleigh@icloud.com if you would.

24th July 2023:

The working title is now, NOT A PROPER ANYTHING - PATSY'S STORY: Well, it's been two-and-a-half months since I've had time to update this page, but here I am at last. Patsy has gone through a lot and her story has now reached chapter 29. Patsy is sixteen and has been living with her Auntie Glenda and Uncle Kyle, and her twin cousin's Gemma and Josie for four years. After an initial hiccough, which Patsy sorts out, her life is happy at last. Her aunt and uncle treat her as their own daughter, and the twins as their sister. Gemma and Josie, who are two years older than Patsy are currently at University so Patsy has grown closer to Auntie Glenda. Her relationship with Josh has gone through a bad patch but that has now improved. However, Patsy has noticed that there is an atmosphere between her aunt and uncle, and a few clues that something is not quite right. Then suddenly tragedy strikes and Patsy's life is turned upside down. 

Remember, if you'd like a preview of this novel to date in return for a review, contact me on gloriaeveleigh@icloud.com.