3rd May 2023: As I haven't had time to blog for so long; I've decideded to delete all previous blogs and begin again. I'll attempt to add a blog every month - so here goes for my first of many (I hope).

DOESN'T TIME FLY? (3rd May 2023)

It's been so long since I wrote my last blog, but here I am at last. It's not because I've been lazy - quite the opposite. I finally published my latest book, THE PRICE OF WORTHLESSNESS - PETRA'S STORY in Jaunuary 2023. It was the first time that I commissioned the cover design from a local designer, Danny McBride, who was patient and helpful throughout the process, and came up with the perfect cover for the story. Since January, I've been busy writing a new book about Patsy, who I quickly grew fond of -as did my amazing editorial group. Patsy lives in Morden in South London. She has experienced regular beatings and no affection throughout her young childhood, and has developed her own suit of armour. She's feisty, resilient and comfrontational, and hides behind her accute sense of humour. I can't help loving this girl. How will her life develop? How will she survive?

I've not only been writing. I've also been learning. Who said you're never too old to learn? Well, I'm seventy-five, and have attended two courses run by my church, Emmanuel, Brighton. The first was 'Pastoral and Listening skills'. As an ex social worker I'm still passionate about supporting people. Yes, even Christians go through difficult situations. Despite my previous social work training, I learned a huge amount. The second course was entitled 'Thrive Story'. If you're going to help others, you need to make sure you understand your own life story and have dealt with the effects that your experiences have had on you, and the triggers that they might have left you with. Both of the courses were amazing, powerful and intense, and have caused me to grow as a person. I want to do what God has planned for me and to do it well. Part of His plan is not only to support others in my church family, but to continue to raise awarenesss of the abuse that exists in our society. I do this through regular social media posts, public speaking, and writing my novels. 

Thank you for taking the time to look at my website and read my blog. I hope it won't be as long as last time before I post again.

Much love, Gloria x

SUMMER IS HERE AT LAST (5th June 2023)

I'm really enjoying the warm sunshine. Living near to the beach is a real positive. The only trouble is that it's impossible to get on with my writing while sitting outside because the sun reflects on the screen of my laptop. Not only that but I have a lively social life and don't want to miss out on time with my friends. So what should I do to make sure my writing doesn't suffer? I could write in the evenings, but after a day in the fresh air, I find I'm too tired. I could get up earlier than my usual 8am when my alarm goes off but I honestly don't think I could function before that time. I wonder if Apple makes laptops that are non reflective like my Kindle, which I can read in the bright sunshine. Worth a bit of investigation.

Changing the subject, I've just had an exciting couple of weeks. I have received several really positive reviews from readers of my latest book, THE PRICE OF WORTHLESSNESS - PETRA'S STORY. I hope you'll consider looking at these reviews on my page on this website that's dedicated to this book. Maybe you'll think its worth buying a copy from Amazon. The paperback is £8.50 and the ebook is only £1.77.

Finally, things have been getting exciting concerning my first two novels, ONE SMALL WORD - SURVIVING CHILDHOOD ABUSE and NO - SEQUEL TO ONE SMALL WORD. I can't talk about it yet, and it might not come off, but as soon as I am sure, I'll be shouting it from the rooftops. So watch this space!

A FRUITFUL FEW MONTHS (24th July 2023)

I've been focussing on my latest book, 'THE PRICE OF WORTHLESSNESS - PETRA'S STORY', for the past couple of months. I joined onlinebookclub.com and have received several very positive reviews from volunteer readers belonging to the club. They choose the book they fancy, then they read it for free, then they review it and post their review on the website. There is no pressure to produce a positive review, so they can be completely honest.

So far, out of 9 reviews for this book; 7 have awarded 5 out of 5 stars, and the remaining 2 have awarded 4 out of 5.

As well as these 9 reviews, I have received another 5 Readers Favourite reviews, all but one have awarded 5 out of 5 stars, and the remaining one awarded 4 out of 5 stars.

I also received a couple of positive reviews on Amazon.

So, you can imagine how positive I feel about this book, especially as none were from professional editors/reviewers. I'm only interested in what readers say. You can see all these reviews on The Price of Worthlessness page on this website.

So, having received over twenty positive reviews, I decided to enter my book into a competition, part of which was to receive a review. Then I received the biggest shock ever. The review I received was totally negative and in complete opposition to the previous reviews. The language used by the reviewer was so negative that it bordered on insulting. I was both stunned and angry as this review would obviously influence the competition judges. Don't get me wrong. I thrive on critique. It's the only way to grow. I have ten people in my editorial group who offer honest critique all through the writing of my books. I commission a professional editor and act on that person's feedback before I ever reach the point of publication. But all those people come from the positive viewpoint of 'how could this book be improved?' The reviewer for the competition came from the viewpoint of 'how can I pull this book to pieces?'

At the moment I'm still considering what I should do about this injustice. Am I going to take the stance that, having paid to enter the competition, I would at least expect a fair and balanced review? Or will I try to be the bigger person and ignore it? What would you do?